What feature a Mass Notification System should have to prevent alarms like Hawaii’s Ballistic Missile False Alarm.


False Mass Notification Alarms SHOULD NOT Happen.

'Hawaii residents were thrown into a panic Saturday morning after an emergency alert was mistakenly sent, warning them to "seek immediate shelter" from a ballistic missile threat, and it took emergency officials 38 minutes to send a new alert to mobile phones that the threat was a false alarm.', NBC reported on January 13th, 2018 followed by similar media headlines around the globe. Suddenly, Mass Notification and Emergency Alert systems become the center of attention.How can an error like this one occur? Most importantly how will recipients trust the reliability of the notification procedures and systems in place?

Hawaii Gov. David Ige claimed that the alert was the result of an official “pressing the wrong button”, during an employee shift change. A simple feature could have prevented all the panic.

For example, our award winning mass notification technology Tactical ECON is a secure web based application used by major organizations and critical infrastructures to ensure immediate personalized notification as needed. 

When initiating a notification, the pop up confirmation box appearing immediately after having pressed the 'send' button may not avoid a false alarm, as the operator may accidentaly proceed without reading it.

To avoid human errors like this, Tactical ECON has a 'notification buffer time' Feature (see snapshot below). Firstly the system asks the operator for confirmation prior to the message being disseminated to the recipients. After clicking on the send button, the application provides a buffer time allowing the operator to make any corrections. The duration of the buffer time is configurable, but the default setting is 30 seconds.  The countdown is visually enhanced on the monitor and it provides an additional layer of security to prevent false alarms from being sent, seeing that during the countdown the operator can still cancel the dissemination of the message.

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