Mass Notification for Local Government

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  • Posted onAugust 29, 2018
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One of the challenges public authorities face during a natural disaster is communication with the citizens of the affected area. Undoubtedly, establishing a direct, trusted and reliable communication channel between public authorities and citizens, may significantly limit the consequences.


Mass notification systems allow to create predetermined contact lists and pre-defined messages for efficient communications throughout a crisis. The dissemination of messages is achieved through multiple channels (voice calls, SMS, email, social media etc) within seconds, to alert recipients with actionable information. GIS targeting can also be used to alert the residents of a specific geographic area. Similarly, public authorities can enhance the coordination of their ground teams in the affected area by providing them with mission critical messages as information comes in.


Finally, the use of mass notifications systems can also include ‘Safety Drills’ to provide public safety personnel with emergency response practice, and to give citizens the instruction and education they need in order to take effective and immediate safety precautions in the event of a local emergency.