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We are looking for open minded, easy going and dedicated individuals for functions including software development, system integration and business development to join our teams in Ioannina and Athens.

Browse our current openings and apply for a position by sending an email at [email protected] with subject the position title.

We look forward to hearing from you and eventually welcoming you to our team!


We are seeking developers with demonstrable experience in: Bootstrap, PHP frameworks, and AngularJS. We are a fast-paced, highly iterative team and we need people who are comfortable tackling new problems, innovating solutions, and interacting with every facet of the company on a daily basis. You have to be creative, motivated, able to take responsibility and support the applications you create.

Technical Skills

  • Database - Understanding of PostgreSQL. Ability to write performant queries.
  • Server - Knowledge of how web servers operate on a low-level. Web protocols.
  • UI - Demonstrated ability creating rich web interfaces using a modern client side framework. Good judgment in UX/UI design.
  • System architecture - Knowledge of how to structure a database, web site, and rich client side application from scratch
  • Expertise in source code and version control tools such as Git


We are seeking an IT Linux system engineer to join our team and provide continuous support to our server infrastructure, cloud and backup systems. You need to have at least 1 year of working experience in creating repeatable, reliable, scalable systems architectures, with high availability, fault tolerance, performance tuning, monitoring, and statistics/metrics collection.

Technical Skills

  • Expert working knowledge (including the ability to setup, configure, upgrade, manage, and troubleshoot) Linux-based and open-source systems and technologies such as Apache, HAProxy, sendmail/postfix, iptables, etc.
  • Define, document and follow standards and best practices for systems design, testing, and implementation.
  • Drive scripting and automation to develop solutions to common problems.
  • Must be comfortable working with mission critical and sensitive systems, with a sense of urgency appropriate to the responsibilities.
  • Expertise in source code and version control tools such as Git and Subversion
  • Experience with Microsoft AZURE IaaS would be of benefit but not mandatory.