AB Vasilopoulos rolls out Tactical in Distribution Centers.

AB Vasilopoulos rolls out Tactical in Distribution Centers.

May 2nd, 2018

We are excited to announce that AB introduced Tactical Mobile Team Management in their Distribution Centers in Greece.

The AB team recognized the need to optimize its logistics and supply chain processes. Tactical will help achieve this with capabilities that include:

  • Mobile workflow management
  • Documentation of processes that significantly increase the time leaders can spend in the field
  • Real time workload monitoring
  • Immediate communication
  • Elimination of management and monitoring failures
  • Digitizing of data and documents and use of dashboards
  • Continous recording of data to continually improve processes

Tactical Mobile Team Management is notable for its continuous and integrated management of information and communication media. It helps enhance productivity, workplace safety, operations optimization and compliance readiness, while strengthening AB's digital strategy.