We’re offering software products for mobile team & incident management, mass notification and real estate investment intelligence.

Mobile Team Management


Tactical is a Software as a Service(SaaS) solution designed to help businesses optimize their operational efficiency and incident management in real time. The solution empowers employees and staff onsite to work smarter not harder by revolutionizing the way that mobile workforce collaborates and handles incidents.

Tactical?s software toolset is specially designed for on-site operations and consists of a number of integrated applications. Moreover, the solution offers double login capability according to job role and/or person name, just as the real world works.

Tactical consists of a control room web platform and an employee mobile app offering an end to end framework for operations and incident management. The solution is designed according to a 4 pillar framework: Prevent, Notify, Respond, Review.

Mass Notification

Tactical ECON

At present, when an event and/or incident arises, an organization is implementing manual procedures in order to inform all involved parties. Tactical ECON (Emergency Call Out Notification) technology automates emergency notification procedures and improves call-out times using four different communication channels: email, voice call (landline, mobile, toll free), sms and fax.

Incident Management

Secure Concert System

At present, crowd management at live music events is monitored using a Closed Circuit Television system (CCTV) and responses to incidents are coordinated with two-way portable radio transceivers i.e. walkie-talkies. However, delays that may occur through multiple communication streams between CCTV operators and safety staff on the ground could increase the severity of incidents. Also, in a high decibel environment, voice communication through standard radio transceivers may be restricted or even lost.

The Secure Concert System is a software solution that integrates GIS, mobile phone and wireless communication technologies to offer an efficient solution for crowd monitoring and injury prevention.

The Secure Concert System (SCS) consists of a Control Room desktop software and a smartphone application used by event staff.

Real Estate Investment Intelligence


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide, among many things, the ability to display geographic information on a digital map. Why is this important? Through an easy to use web application it?s possible to make these digital maps readily available to the general public for informed decision making.

There is a considerable amount of legislation on land use in Greece. Not to mention awareness of archaeological sites, protected areas and boundaries. Having such information available at the click of a button is particularly useful for anyone that wants land related information quickly and conveniently.