Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide, among many things, the ability to display geographic information on a digital map. Why is this important? Through an easy to use web application it’s possible to make these digital maps readily available to the general public for informed decision making.

There is a considerable amount of legislation on land use in Greece. Not to mention awareness of archaeological sites, protected areas and boundaries. Having such information available at the click of a button is particularly useful for anyone that wants land related information quickly and conveniently.

Geobase is a web-based GIS platform that provides spatial and legal information for the Municipality of Ioannina in North-western Greece. We took all available data and developed a geographic database readily accessible at Access to most data is free. Users are immediately informed about all rules and regulations that apply to land plots that interest them whether located inside or outside the city’s plan. If the land plot of interest is located outside the city’ plan, the user can determine which region it belongs to and verify if it is located in a protected area. When a user locates a land plot that interests them on the digital map, they can extract approximate information about the plot’s surface area, its perimeter, the building block’s id number and the building sector to which it belongs.

Aside from basic computer knowledge users do not require any technical expertise to use a Geographic Information System. The benefits are many. For interested buyers, an initial profile of a land plot is generated, hence avoiding the lengthy process of gathering the same information through time consuming public services.

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