Secure Concert System

At present, crowd management at live music events is monitored using a Closed Circuit Television system (CCTV) and responses to incidents are coordinated with two-way portable radio transceivers i.e. walkie-talkies. However, delays that may occur through multiple communication streams between CCTV operators and safety staff on the ground could increase the severity of incidents. Also, in a high decibel environment, voice communication through standard radio transceivers may be restricted or even lost.

The Secure Concert System is a software solution that integrates GIS, mobile phone and wireless communication technologies to offer an efficient solution for crowd monitoring and injury prevention.

The Secure Concert System (SCS) consists of a Control Room desktop software and a smartphone application used by event staff.

Currently control room operators communicate emergency actions via radio systems to staff on the ground. Responses to emergencies are coordinated with two-way portable radio transceivers. Sometimes even cable communication infrastructure is established on site as a more reliable communication medium compared to two-way portable radio transceivers. However delays that may occur through multiple communication channels between event staff could hinder an effective response to an incident. Also in cases where emergency action is required and decisions need to be made fast and efficiently, this standard practice increases the chance of failure because the psychological pressure stemming from the significance of such a condition can negatively affect not only the dissemination of this information but also the implementation of any action.

Incidents or accidents are reported by event staff that use the SCS smartphone application to the SCS Control Room in real time during the event. All incident communications are monitored at the SCS Control Room software. All communication traffic obtained through system is recorded to a database for post event analysis. This enforces the assessment of safety performance against safety standards set in the safety policy of the event. In the unlikely scenario of an emergency the system guarantees that preloaded guidelines will reach each event safety stakeholder.


Case studies

Case study on accidents at live events
Case study on the Secure Concert System at the Metallica by Request Concert


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