Tactical is a Software as a Service(SaaS) solution designed to help businesses optimize their operational efficiency and incident management in real time. The solution empowers employees and staff onsite to work smarter not harder by revolutionizing the way that mobile workforce collaborates and handles incidents.

Tactical’s software toolset is specially designed for on-site operations and consists of a number of integrated applications. Moreover, the solution offers double login capability according to job role and/or person name, just as the real world works.

Tactical consists of a control room web platform and an employee mobile app offering an end to end framework for operations and incident management. The solution is designed according to a 4 pillar framework: Prevent, Notify, Respond, Review.

Prevent. Daily maintenance, field operations and tasks are disseminated to the mobile app that includes digital inspection forms, checklists, task management and several communication features. Furthermore, employees have access to manuals and other useful information directly from the field. The web platform offers complete overview of all activities in a dashboard combined with map visualisation based on GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology.

Notify. Emergency notifications are disseminated instantly from the web platform to the mobile app for employees on site. Tactical 360 is fully compatible with Tactical ECON, our widely adopted Mass Notification product. With Tactical ECON, emergency notifications are disseminated instantly from the web platform to hundreds of recipients (employees or external stakeholders) through various communication channels (phone calls, SMS, Fax and Rich HTML emails).

Respond. In case of an emergency employees on site will also receive to their mobile app personalized text, voice messages and role-based procedures in order to optimize response time. At the same time management has real time situational awareness and coordinates its staff members accordingly through the web platform.

Review. Critical KPIs and notification and platform audit reports can be produced from the web platform.


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