Idea Lab

We envisage, create and innovate to solve real world problems. We stay on top of trends and innovation and we are not afraid to experiment new ideas and solutions.

Livestock tracking system

How can a breeder track his livestock in the mountains or at a field with the minimum initial investment possible and no extra monthly fees?

We designed a UHF low power, long range hardware device that is attached on the neck of the livestock that communicated livestock id, time and location data through a gateway to a cloud server. The device integrates a UHF radio operating at 868Mhz, an accelerometer, a GPS chip, a 1200mAh LiPo battery and a MOLEX antenna. A progressive web app is developed for the breeder to monitor the status of the livestock and known location. The breeder through the web app can define virtual fences so when a livestock leaves the virtual fence an SMS and email alert is sent to the breeder.

Smart Barrel

How can someone monitor in real time critical wine fermentation parameters and environmental conditions?

The Smart barrel is an IoT based integrated system that consists of (a) integrated sensors that include a 3-way air valve and pressure sensor, an alcohol gas sensor, a pH sensor, an RGB and a temperature sensor and (b) a data collector collects all data gathered from the sensors inside and outside the barrel. Data is transmitted wirelessly to a web server where is saved at a central database repository for further processing and visualization.

UHF Emergency Communication device

How can a mobile app still be able to communicate information when cellular networks and Wi-Fi connectivity is limited or not available?

We designed a wearable for staff on-site that communicates via Bluetooth with a mobile phone and enables them to communicate between them using UHF frequencies. This provides an additional level of communication redundancy in the scenario where Wi-Fi or cellular networks are congested or unavailable. Staff can keep using their mobile app even under these circumstances and ensure that information will reach a recipient.

Intelligent Notification Service

How can an Incident Operations Centre limit incoming telephone traffic from personnel on the ground to only essential during an emergency?

Using machine learning and A.I., personnel using a mobile app can ask questions to an application server instead of calling the Operations Centre of the Organization. The application server uses information from a central database repository that includes sensor data, incident updates and fellow personnel location among others and returns the answers to personnel questions during an incident.

Our highly customized technology-based approach
makes us understanding the best solutions for real world problems.



  • iOS, Android
  • Windows Phone
  • HTML5/CSS3/JS/ Angular JS
  • PHP, Laravel


  • LoRa
  • LoRaWAN
  • iBeacons
  • NFC


  • Bots
  • Machine Learning


We actively collaborate with academic intuitions and private firms.

Laboratory of Distributed MicroComputer Systems, University of Ioannina
University of Thessaloniki
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