R&D Projects


Tekmon was part of the Management Committee of the COST ACTION 'Advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems tropospheric products for monitoring severe weather events and climate'. The Action addressed new and improved capabilities from concurrent developments in both the GNSS and meteorological communities. For the first time, the synergy of the three GNSS systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) was used to develop new, advanced tropospheric products, exploiting the full potential of multi-GNSS water vapour estimates on a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, from real-time monitoring and forecasting of severe weather, to climate research.

INNOVATE UK: Signabox Urban API

Tekmon was contracted by UK based Signalbox for this Innovate UK funded project. Signalbox has developed the ?Urban API?. This is a highly innovative software product that enables IoT objects (such as wearables) and nomadic devices (such as smartphones) to derive a position in hard-to-reach urban environments. In this feasibility study real-world tests were conducted in Singapore, to analyse the performance in this different environment, creating a roadmap for further development and be used as basis to forge alliances that will help develop and exploit the Asian market.

RESEARCH COMMITEE: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Tekmon participated as a research contractor in the project 'Monitoring of climate change parameters using the Global Navigation Satellite Systems in the Municipality of Ioannina'. Geodetic GNSS equipment and meteorological stations were used in a series of observations. GNSS observations were also available from an established GNSS reference station located in the center of the city. Bernese v5.0 was used for data processing. This was a collaboration with the research team of Professor Chris Pikridas.


Tekmon awarded funding by the Hellenic General Secretariat of Research and Technology to design and develop an innovative incident management system to prevent injuries during outdoor music events. Its objective was twofold; to monitor crowd safety and to coordinate a response when an incident occurs. The project led to the introduction of the Secure Concert System, one of Tekmon?s first commercial products.